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...Reflections by Duey is an innovative, easy to use and cost-effective way to help a family personalize a funeral ceremony that "reflects" a central theme of one's life. Reflections offers high resolution themed lifestyle images behind a casketed service or a "canvas" for a cremation family to personalize the life of a loved one. It has been recommended by Funeral Professionals that have used these over the years to offer them in a package pricing format. The offering of one or all these murals will help your funeral home differentiate your firm from less progressive ones. All said, client satisfaction and profitability will improve for your firm.

For more information feel free to call Duey directly at 913.707.2270.

Being able to customize the experience for families is what separates the truly innovative firms from all the rest. We’ve used the Murals by Reflections for approximately 20 years now and feel that our families are very well-served with them. With multiple scenes to choose from, we can find something that fits almost any family.

Brad Speaks
Speaks Chapels
Kansas City, MO

Simple Set-up, Major Impact.

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